Top 5 Common Fetishes by Theresa

Sexual Fetish is the fixation on an object or action that makes sex better. The more desired the fetish, the more necessary it’s presence will be. Desire can manifest in forms such as adoring a woman who wears high heels to men who need to wear high heels to reach satisfaction. The range of fetishes and the degree to which people need it in order to feel satisfied varies greatly. From the mainstream fetishes to the deep and dark secrets that someone would rather not disclose publicly but act on it only with a trusted partner.

Mainstream fetishes you can come across trough out media, forums and movies. These are fixations people don’t mind disclosing because they have been so often discussed that it overlaps with the norm. Some of these fetishes are commonplace and you might think the absence of it or the inaction represents the fetish. Lets see five examples of it:

Shaved genitals and hairless body in general

That is right, it all started out as a fetish! Preferring your partner hairless would be odd just 50-60 years ago. A clean shaved pussy or shaved balls is born out of the desire of looking younger, juvenile even. The hairless genitals reflect on the pre pubescent period but also are hygienic and give better way for oral sex. Because of the aesthetic aspect and the facilitator of oral sex shaving has been adapted as norm. Hairy sex organs or how nature intended them to be are now preferred only by the eccentric ones and are representing the object of their fetish.

Sexy Lingerie

Sex used to be an action between man and woman that happened in the dark, under covers. The sexual act did not leave much room for manifestation or exhibitionism. The woman would undress and dress allowing as little as possible to be seen by their man. But as always there were those who love to admire. The women who do like to show a beautiful body adorned with beautiful fabrics and there were men who where loving it. Dressing for sex was not the norm, it is born out of the desire of the exhibitionists. Wearing sexy lingerie and perhaps beautiful silky stockings is what the sexy female ideal does in our times. She is proudly exposing her body wearing silky, lacy, under garments. This shows her powerful position in the sexual relations and that she is always ready.

Shoe fetishes

High heels or sneakers, shoe fetish comes in many forms. It is the extension of the leg that is defining the female posture. While high heels make a woman’s leg look longer also make her walk more carefully, delicate and give a graceful aspect to her being. Men who prefer the woman on high heels see her as more vulnerable. A girl wearing sneakers is more active. She might have an attitude of getting things done and does not like to be held back by the inconvenience of high heels. She might be the kind of practical girl who prefers to have a good time above all. Shoes are an attitude and since fashion industry gives us such a variety of attitudes to choose from shoe fetish became more acceptable than ever.

Oral sex

A blowjob was not always as easy to get. Also woman could not have the expectation of having their pussy licked. It is again those who dream, who dare, those who get fixated on having their partners mouth on their sex. Yes it is sensational. Oral sex can feel much better than regular penetration, if done right. We think about sex as incomplete without that blowjob or that clitoris sucking but this norm would break all hells loose just few decades ago.

Big Breasts

Big breasts you need to afford. Women with large breasts are regarded as hard to keep, high maintenance or unfaithful this is why being able to keep a woman like that is such a display of manliness. Breasts are uncomfortable for woman doing physical work. They also evolved once women did less physical effort for survival. The woman with big breast is wired in our being as the woman with a good life. This means that a man fetishizing the woman with large breasts also feels that he is capable. He is manly enough to keep her satisfied. Women with augmented breasts know the kind of men they will attract with them.

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Top 5 BDSM Cities World Wide by Theresa


When it comes to BDSM, Amsterdam is one of the cities that pop in to our minds. Years of reputation of being the city of drugs, prostitution, trannies and kinky exploration, Amsterdam is a good city to choose for those looking for carnal pleasure. BDSM venues are plenty and cater for any fetish any kink. The city but the country in general has good quality swingers clubs with truly hot couples and exclusive clientele. BDSM parties are maybe the most important to mention. With massive festivals like Wasteland ( or the little sins ( you can find a go out for any kink or fantasy.

San Francisco

Well known as the US’s city of free spirits and homosexuals but San Francisco is more than that. It is soaked to the fiber with kink and BDSM juice of all kind. You can tell that no one bets an eye about a kink freak if you find day light open BDSM coffee houses ( in decent neighborhoods. One of these places called Wicked Grounds, with fabulous reviews, is a safe heaven for those who want to enjoy a black coffee served by a waitress in black latex. San Francisco also offers a many BDSM dungeons that one could rent out for a more private gathering or join organized parties!


Home to all that is freaky and hard to understand for the vanilla western person. The kinky western person how ever will dive full in to all the nasty strange and funky Tokyo has to offer. A city with vending machines where you can buy used girl’s panties and where reading tentacle porn in public is normal, one would wonder where the limit is. To me Tokyo means bondage, also lady-boys but that is secondary. Bondage originated in Japan so Tokyo has a great selection of Bondage studios how ever these are hard to get in to for foreigners unless you’re a woman. If you do get in to one of these clubs/studios as a foreigner be prepared to pay double the rates a local would. All and all Tokyo is the freakiest mind bending city for any BDSM lover.


Because what else will they do in those long winter nights but bind, spank and fuck each other. Those freaky Danes have a culture of mystery and kink. They even have a festival ( celebrating fetish and sexuality. Prostitution is legal and so it is to hire a dominatrix or a tranny. Danish people are sophisticated and well versed if it comes to BDSM. Copenhagen specially hides many dungeons, parties and private clubs where one could come and be free to roll in whatever filth they like to.


Any party you’d attend in Berlin is crazy, wild, lustful but their BDSM parties are a level higher than anything else that you’d see anywhere lese in the world. When arriving to Berlin, you can start with booking a suite in one of the many fetish accommodations (for example than you can go to a fetish BDSM bar to get some warm up drinks ( before plunging in to one of the many BDSM clubs which won’t close with the dawn. Some clubs are indeed open 24/7 and you can join in at any time of the day you like. Berlin is a city you better check out for your self. No matter who you are and what you are looking for you’ll find it here in the true number one city of BDSM, Berlin.

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Anal Sex – 5 tips For Anyone To Enjoy Anal Sex by Theresa

Top 5 Best Practices for Anal Sex


Anal sex is maybe the most desired sexual practice. It is a love or hate it kind of penetration. The first encounter with anal penetration is decisive; good experience will lead of wanting it more, bad experience can keep someone reluctant to anal sex forever. While men always seem to be open for anal woman have a more difficult time with accepting it. The penetration can be painful if not prepared correctly but if he knows what to do and she is well prepared anal sex can be exceptionally pleasurable. Women who enjoy being anally penetrated will often prefer to orgasm anally. Here are some good practices to have an enjoyable anal experience.


Enema before anal sex


It is recommended to cleanse your bowel before indulging in to anal sex. This will not only prevent any mess happening but knowing that no mess will happen will help you relax. Although many couple skip the cleansing for a newbie it is important not having to worry about unwanted odors or stains. The enema is a quiet simple practice. Easy to do and benefits are many. A product I’d recommend would be this:




Very important that you are excited and want it badly! Foreplay is a must and the more excited you are the more likely you want to stick it in your ass as well. This is very relevant to man who have difficulties with anal as well. Some of us tend to use all we get during masturbation as well. I know when the heat is on and judgment drops few fingers slip in to the hoo hoo as well. Anything for a good orgasm, right?

Playing with a clitoris. Using a strong vibrator will not only lubricate but will open the gates to heaven. Try for example this:




Lube up! Make it as slippery as possible! Don’t just lick the anus also spit might not be enough. If you like rimming than go ahead but before inserting fingers or the penis in to the rectum, best is to use a lubricant meant for this purpose. It will make life easier for everyone! Looking for a good lubricant? Try this:




Stretch that hole! Now that we are clean excited and all lubed up we need to make sure that our anus is ready too. Try sticking in one finger, maybe two. If the fingers slip in easily we are ready for penetration. Anal sex can be difficult if he has a large penis. It can be difficult for him and her equally. Using a spreader or butt-plug can stretch the rectum enough so that insertion can be easier. Insertion is the most difficult moment anyway so why don’t you try wearing a butt-plug casually before intercourse?




Most important of all! Relax and feel that penis trusting in to your anus. If it hurts a little than, enjoy it and moan out loud. If it hurts a lot than probably you did not do the first 4 things right and you should stop and start over. Do not give up on anal sex. Once you get the taste of it you’ll love it for ever!

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Bisexuality & Bisexual Escorts In Amsterdam by Theresa

Bisexual escorts and bisexuality in general

Bisexual refers to an individual who is attracted towards both the opposite and the gender of their own.

A bisexual woman can have sexual intercourse with a man and a woman at the same time but if it comes to relationship she might chose for a male partner to maintain a social norm and the possibility of having and raising children in a family context.

The bisexual woman won’t necessarily hide her bisexual desires from her male partner due to the fact that men love the idea of their partners attraction to the same sex. The thought of their partner having physical contact with an other woman can be a trigger for arousal, let  alone the actual action. That’s right! Bisexual woman often bring a third party in to their sexual encounters, maybe on special occasions or maybe on a regular basis. These women find and convince someone who their have sexual chemistry with to join in for some steamy hot action.


Bisexual escorts are a hot commodity among couples, especially if the lady partner is bisexual. Sometimes the men takes initiative to surprise his lady partner with an other gorgeous lady to please her and him in various ways or it might be her initiating a fun night. When it comes to threesomes, bisexual women take lead. It often occurs that the ladies get so busy with one another that the male in the game is left with just the view. Which is a win-win situation anyway. Sex toys like dildos, strap-ons, anal toys are routinely involved for reciprocal stimulations even if a man is present. For this ladies the penis only just won’t do it.


Bisexual women are open minded in their sexual relationships. They don’t mind sharing their male partner with an other woman if their are or are not involved in the action. Until they are satisfied and their sexual needs are regularly met, their man is free to have more sexual partners. It is not unusual for the bisexual woman to choose the other woman for their partner to have sex with with the idea for her to join in at a later moment. This practice occurs mostly when the female chosen is not bisexual or does not know it yet. The male partner will first have sexual contact alone with the chosen partner than slowly he can convince her to have sex with his actual partner too. To some women this idea of getting involved in a couples sexual habits would be a complete no go at first but it pretty much works out fine after the inhibitions are gone and the person acknowledges that the female partner really desires this. Practice of bisexuality is a common thing among modern couples.


Bisexual Escort Service  in Amsterdam

Escort girls enjoy a large demand to please couples of all nationalities, social backgrounds and age categories.
Being an escort and bisexual involves that you are open for playing, touching, kissing and perhaps to orally please the female partner as well as the male. Still safety comes first and all the pleasure should be done protected. Sometimes oral sex for a woman requires more chemistry than orally pleasing a man thus guaranteed oral for the female partner does not exist.


Even if the escort lady visiting is bisexual but does not do oral on other women the encounter can be just as pleasant.

No pussy licking does not exclude fingering, touching, kissing and not to forget about the abundance of sex toys out there. Full service for the male partner is always guaranteed. That is not injustice it is just how things work in escort world.

Sometimes there are single men ordering a bisexual duo of escort girls in this case the two ladies will please each other and at the same time please their gentleman caller. This girls usually have had previous sexual experiences with each other, are girlfriends who are used to work together and enjoy each other’s company. Being bisexual is a blessing! More options to choose from and never a boring experience. Even if not every encounter involves more partners, the possibility of it to happen can keep things alive and burning with bright flames.


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Real Escort Girls & Escort Service in Amsterdam by Theresa

Escort girls in Amsterdam are plenty, so are escort agencies. What is much rarer is an Escort agency that provides real photos of the ladies available.
This phenomenon has created distrust towards the industry making clients prefer the Redlight District of Amsterdam.

Receiving an escort you did not ask for is frustrating, although the lady who arrived is beautiful, you don’t want to have pizza when you fancy paghetti.

So who in Amsterdam offers Escort Girls with Real Pictures on their website?
High class escort agencies, yes! Most of them do!
Reasonable priced escort agencies, sometimes…
Popular, top of google escort agencies, don’t!
Cheaper, mostly dutch and regional escort agencies, mostly do!

escort girls in Amsterdam.

Escort Girls with real pictures

Why do most girls prefer to not publish their own photos?
This is simple, privacy reasons. In the age of internet the ladies prefer to not have their grandparents or neighbour stumble up on their secret misdemeanours.

Sending private messages is also off limit for most ladies. The widespread use of social media sites puts the ladies at risk of being exposed to a client’s wrong intent if she provides pictures of her self.

It is completely understandable if escort girls choose not to show their real pictures.

Why do some of them do it still?

There are escort girls in Amsterdam who absolutely love what they are doing and are devoted to being a companion. So are the girls at Independent Escorts Amsterdam. 
These ladies, for example, are professional Independent escorts who want nothing else but please and have fun with men before they get married to a rich client or return to their home country.

It takes a special kind of escort who loves every aspect of her job and is willing to be her self in the hotel room on her photos and in her day by day life.

Want to get to know some real escort girl in Amsterdam? Get in touch with!


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